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This wiki is for fans of superheroes to create and share characters from any universe, heroes or villains. It will allow users to show their original characters to their fullest potential without constrainst from administration of founded wikias. Part of what made the X-Men great was that it was for the common person, instead of the elitist attitudes of the Justice League or the Avengers, but now it is less so, and when it comes to original characters, their creators face scrutiny despite it being against the ideals that Heroes are supposed to stand for: Liberty, Freedom, Equality.

Here you will not face scrutiny,your creations will be cherished and most importantly, the odd, Eggs amongst us will have the same opportunity to shine alongside the Greats of the Justice League

here you can make photo art of superheroes and supervillians use your imagination and for a head start for you fan artist here's damian wayne

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